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April 2020: Love in the Time of 'Rona

The time is now?

Turns out I AM interested in sharing what I'm doing and connecting with others.  I don't want to spend any more time on my computer, so I'm not sure if this will stick, but it's a fun way to document my experience as I'm open to envisioning the future.  Like it or not, things have changed and we are looking around for clues on how to sort this collective experience into our histories.  

Does anyone else think that the microscopic view of the coronavirus is beautiful? 


I'm nearly 4 weeks into a major lifestyle change.  School closing meant that I needed to be home with my daughter.  Needless to say, I haven't had time in my studio.  I stopped by today to pick up something and I nearly cried with longing!  


The change has made many things more challenging but has also provided a special glimpse into different areas of our lives. 


For me, being able to participate fully in my daughters education and spend so much time with her has been a strange gift.  She loves writing poetry, who knew? Not even for a moment am I under the delusion that I'm doing this alone.  Thank you to all of the hard working and endlessly patient teachers and educational support helpers!  My daughter's school has done a stellar job switching gears and continuing to provide the opportunity for meaningful learning.  It's also been endlessly challenging to have school and home morph into this new thing.

Another plus, the memes have been great. 


In early March I was working away on a custom project that I was thoroughly enjoying as I was waking up from the long winter's nights. The project I was working on is not a typical installation.  It's more of a collaboration and it will not be installed as functional tile but rather as large panels that hang on a wall.  


Brakes on the project but the spring continues to arrive.  Abby spotted a cardinal and I saw a pileated woodpecker up close and personal.  This is what I imagined from myself creating a blog post; my wandering thoughts.

One of the things I'm doing in the absence of my studio is some visioning for my work and my life.  This free resource from Andrew Simonet is guiding my deep dive into my life as an artist.  As a mid-career artist I realized long ago that it's crucial for me to make art therefore it's crucial that I make it sustainable but that has not been a fast or smooth path.  After 6 years, 2020 saw me finally paying myself a salary- until now. 

At the moment, I'm deep into proactive, longterm planning.  I have a blank page in my journal waiting for what I envision for myself, personally, professionally and artistically in the next two years.  I know this sort of visioning works.  I've lived it and it's powerful and intimidating as hell.  Knowing what you want and asking for it in a specific and direct way takes a lot in my experience.   I need to be in the right frame of mind and without distraction (the exercise suggests waiting a week) so that is what is in my hopper.  Scary and exciting times!  I am scared that the bottom of the economy falling out will have a negative impact on my life as a maker.  I am trying to see this at least partially as  a gift of disruption; this is a great time to pause and reimagine at best.   I've been reading the book, then watching the videos (which follow the book exactly so far) and taking notes and using the workbook for ideas and prompts in my journal.  I have ideas looking forward to having a group or doing something soon via video conferencing with like minded folks.  If I can't get into my studio, this is a fruitful place to put some creative energy.


We currently have had no cases in our county or the neighboring county.  It feels as if it's coming for us as slow as pine pitch drips. Empirical evidence suggests that we will know this virus face to face soon and chances are that it is here already, living undetected.  


So while I'm in my cozy nest of home, I had a friends video chat that was magical.  The sisterhood in quarantine.  

This pandemic has been mind expanding in how connected I feel to the global community.  I haven't totally processed this because we're all in it right now but it feels significant.  We really are all in this together.